Our full Terms and Conditions are detailed below.

All guests to the Spa will be asked to sign a disclaimer (below) confirming that they agree to the terms of HydeAway Spa.

Please make yourself familiar with our Disclaimer as you will be asked to sign this upon arrival.

All body treatments booked will require to complete a Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire, either prior via email or on the day of treatment.

Any queries/questions please contact us!


Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Each guest agrees to be bound by these conditions and by any other rules or instructions of the Spa for the Health and Wellbeing of all clients.


Advance bookings are required for all sessions and treatments.

Bookings to be made, at least 48 hours before, via the online booking system.

Last minute bookings to be verbally agreed with HydeAway Spa proprietor.

All bookings require a £100 non-refundable deposit. 


The Spa must be vacated promptly at the end of the booked session or at a time agreed by HydeAway Spa.           Failure to do so, will incur an additional hour booking fee or a refusal to book again. 

Extensions to booking time must be agreed with HydeAway Spa and not assumed.


At least 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of any bookings or treatments.

If for any reason you are unable to make your booking we offer a full refund of your deposit if we are notified at least 48 hours before your booking.

24 hours notice will result in a 50% refund of your deposit.

Cancellations on the day of your booking will result in the forfeit of your full deposit.


Upon arrival, all guests are required to familiarize themselves with the Disclaimer.

All guests must both write and sign their name on the Disclaimer in the labeled boxes. 

Failure to do so will result in no admittance into the spa. 

Any under 16’s must have their name written on the form with a © next to it.


ALL vehicles and possessions are left at the owner’s risk.

ALL visitors must sign the disclaimer before each booked session.

For under 16's, the separate Children's Admissions form must be signed  by the adult responsible on a 1-2-1 ratio.

ALL visitors must read and agree to the health and safety rules of the : Swimming pool, sauna and steam room. (located on walls). Under 16's will have a separate Code of Conduct to agree to.

ALL visitors must make themselves aware of the pool depths. Shallow End = 1.4m Deep End = 1.9m Temperature range = 23◦C - 28◦C

Visitors are responsible for their own safety in and around the pool area.

ALL visitors must ensure the safety of non-swimmers within the group.

Bathers must shower before every use of the pool.

Leaves from the massage bunch “venik” must not be washed off in the pool.

£50 clear up charge will be levied for non compliance with this rule.

NO glass to be used in or around the pool area.

Any broken glass found in or around the pool will result in a charge of £200.

Any damages / breakages must be reported and paid for.

Additional chargeable items used/taken, must be paid for.

ALL visitors agree to clear the kitchen area, leaving it as they found it before departing.£20 clear up charge will be levied for non compliance with this rule

Visitors agree to take all their belongings with them on departure.

Private areas and possessions must not be used.

No smoking inside the building.

Visitors must leave the premises promptly upon expiration of their hire slot. An hourly charge will be applied for the delays.

CCTV is operated on these premises, CCTV cameras should not be obstructed or tampered with.

The noise should be kept to a minimum as to not affect our neighbours.

We reserve the right to terminate any session if the above rules are not complied with by any member of your party without refund of any money paid by you.


All cars and vehicles are parked at owners risk. 


NO outdoor footwear is to be worn within the spa. 

All outdoor wear  - shoes and coats to be left within the porch.


Treatments to be agreed and booked prior to arrival.

All treatment requirements are to be agreed at least 48 hours before, if part of a spa booking.

Amendments to treatments on the day are to be agreed between the guest and the Therapist.

Payment for treatments is direct to the Therapist.


24 hours' notice is required to avoid being charged. All treatments are subject to availability and all prices are subject to revision but are held at the price current on the day the request is received. 


All offers are subject to availability. 

HydeAway Spa reserves the right to withdraw offers at any time.

£5 credit for feedback offer: -

This offer applies to bookings only, at HydeAway Spa. 

The £5 credit cannot be redeemed against a product or a treatment. 

Can only be redeemed once.


Please ensure that you bring your redeemable gift voucher to the spa to present on arrival. Non-presentation of voucher will necessitate a charge being made until the voucher is presented. All other cancellation charges are shown under ‘Cancellation’, except that a refund cannot be made against a gift voucher. However, we will be pleased to hold the balance of the value of the voucher for future use. 

HydeAway Spa gift vouchers must be redeemed within 24 months from issue date. HydeAway Spa will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged gift vouchers. Please treat gift cards as cash.  


Children are admitted within the Spa as part of a group.

One adult may accompany no more than 2 children of swimming ability, only 1 if a non-swimmer.

Each parent/guardian must agree and sign the form ‘HydeAway Spa Child Admissions’, one for each child.

Guests are required to control the behavior of their children at all times.

Adult supervisors are responsible for the safety of their wards in and around the pool and spa, at all times.

Any non-swimmers must wear buoyancy aids in and around the pool, at all times.

Any guest, who fails to comply with these rules, may in our absolute discretion be asked to leave. The safety of children is of upmost importance, especially where there is water.

For clients without children, please DO NOT use the child buoyancy aids for games. These are for SAFETY and not toys. 


The Spa regrets that we do not allow guests to bring pets.


No smoking is permitted within the Spa building. 

Please smoke in the designated areas away from the doors.

Outdoor footwear to be removed each time before re-entering the spa.


Guests may bring, or consume, their own food or drink in the spa kitchen area. You are responsible for clearing up the kitchen area, washing up and bagging rubbish and recycling, as instructed upon arrival.

Food to be consumed only within the kitchen area at the table.

Please do not eat on the sofas or around the pool area.

If you are visiting with children please do not allow them to walk around the pool whilst eating. 

No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises.

Any consumption of alcohol is deemed to be entirely at the guest’s discretion, waiving any responsibility from HydeAway Spa for any injuries or illness resulting.

Guests who are, or appear to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted access to the Spa or asked to terminate their session early with no refund being made.

Any additional clear-up due to alcohol consumption will be charged at £50.


HydeAway Spa can accept no responsibility for the safety of money or valuables of any kind brought to the spa. If you do bring valuable items it is essential they be covered by your own insurance for the period of your stay. HydeAway Spa will not be liable, under any circumstances whatsoever, for damage, injury or consequential loss, however caused, to our guests, their property and belongings unless it is solely due to negligence of HydeAway Spa, its employees or agents.


Specific instructions for the use of all Spa facilities are available at the Spa. 

They are posted on the wall for the Steam Room, Sauna and Swimming pool safe use. All clients are requested to make themselves familiar with these. Supervising adults should ensure their wards are informed and monitored adhering to the rules during the entire spa visit.


HydeAway Spa is not an alternative medical centre, and does not have a resident doctor. Guests are advised to consult with their family doctor about the need to limit or avoid our full range of treatments and facilities, for example inclusive treatments, steam room or sauna.

HydeAway Spa pursues a policy of continuous development of health and beauty treatments and techniques. We therefore reserve the right to make changes, which will be beneficial to our guests. Notification of specific changes will be given where relevant. Should a guest choose not to proceed with an alternative treatment that may have been substituted for a specific choice, no treatment cancellation charge will be made.


Any mechanical or electrical breakdowns that may occur on the premises are usually beyond our control, although we will try to repair any such fault as soon as possible. No refunds will be given unless any such breakdown is due to the negligence of the Company or its employees or agents.


HydeAway Spa reserves the right to exclude or eject any persons from an event or the premises who it shall reasonably consider to be acting in a manner that is unlawful, offensive, threatening (actual or potential) to other guests or our personnel. We will also take action if we believe that the behaviour of individuals or an entire party may cause or does cause damage to our property or our guest or employee’s property. In certain instances the Client will be charged for any actual damage caused. 


HydeAway Spa accepts no liability for a guest’s failure to observe these instructions. Use of the Spa facilities is solely at the risk of the guest.

HydeAway Spa accepts no liability for any illness or injury resulting from use of the spa facilities, due to over exertion, or aggravation of a medical condition caused by such use. We recommend guests seek medical advice before undertaking any exercise or use the heat facilities, if uncertain.

Nothing in these conditions or the rules of the spa shall limit or exclude our liability to guests for death or personal injury caused by our proven negligence.

We do not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance or ask client/clients to leave at any time during their spa session if we feel any of the conditions are being abused. And do so, with no refund of the clients deposit.

                No smoking inside the building.

                Visitors must leave the premises promptly upon expiration of their hire slot. An hourly charge will be applied for the delays.

                CCTV is operated on these premises, CCTV cameras should not be obstructed or tampered with.

                The noise should be kept to a minimum as to not affect our neighbours.

We reserve the right to terminate any session if the above rules are not complied with by any member of your party without refund of any money paid by you.

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